Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Reader

The Reader, 2005
Archival Ink Jet
30" x 24"

The Reader (detail)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Accompanying photos for the Nov. SOIL Backspace show

These are the polariods for negs I shot today, to accompany the main photo at my November show in the backspace at SOIL.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Rough and dirty flatbed scans

(the final print will be much lighter and sharper)

photo 1

photo 1 (detail)

photo 2

photo 2 (detail)

photo 3

photo 3 (detail)

Group shot

Tony Pettit, Max Galesi, Dan Dean
Me, Alex Chambers

Me as the reader

Behind the scenes

The lovely Alex

Stevie made her this hat.

The book she's reading is Modern Subsonic Aerodynamics by R. T. Jones, ©1988.
I'm pretty sure she's on Chapter 10 (High Lift Devices), p.56:
"Figure 34. Flap Configuration and Maximum Lift Coefficients for the NACA 632 4-420 Airfoil Chord Hinged Slotted Flap. Rn = 6x10^6."

Narrowing in on composition and exposure times

The routine: Tony times the polaroid and Celina keeps track of exposure times

Man, I was so tired.

Celina and Max take a break

Max doesn't always look like this.

And what is she reading?

So much stacking

Alex is a brilliant, amazing girl.

Celina, Stevie and Alex

Much needed assistance

Stevie and her daughter Alex watch the set unfold.

Tony is an expert stacker.

The books were placed on box lids for stability and protection. Then we hid the box lids with detritus.

Me with my head in the camera

Discussing stack placement

Not to be outdone, Max uses his powers. doesn't seem to work.

Dan thinks of an easier idea: move them with his mind!

The stacking begins